Friday, April 27, 2012

Artist Spotlight: Mekanikirb

How are you liking the daily posts? Today's artist in the spotlight is a Mekanikirb, an American DJ who is the essence of dubstep. Mekanikirb first discovered dubstep while he was studying music theory two years ago. Not long after first hearing dubstep, Mekanikirb was hard at work, producing electronic on a daily basis. At only 17 years old and with nine years of musical experience under his belt, Mekanikirb wants nothing more than to push the genre into new unexplored places.
He especially enjoys looping in audio bits from old school movies and TV programs he's enjoyed over the years. His latest track, "Nasty" plays on traditional dubstep with a truly unique synth sound interwoven throughout the piece. Be sure to keep your ears finally tuned with Mekanikirb, as he curb stomps your brain with sick bass drops, tight loops & heady arrangements.
Mekanikirb's best jams:
 Nasty is mekanikirb's newest post on his soundcloud which features a catchy melody, hard hitting drop, and some of the sickest build up lyrics. This track is truly deserving of the title, Nasty, and if no label picks it up Mekanikirb is getting cheated.  NO ONE CAN TOUCH US YOUR NOT ABOVE US MONEY SAYS YOUR BITCH WANNA LOVE US, IM NASTY!

Check out Mekanikirb on Youtube here!

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